Best WordPress Ping List of 2019 for Faster Indexing Your New Post

WordPress ping list is very useful for indexing a new post in the search engine. We always try to our blog posts to get indexed by Search Engines as soon as possible. Ping is a good way for indexing of new post quickly. Manually pinging is a hard way for all blogger but WordPress makes it easy for all WordPress user. The update WordPress ping list is helpful for search engine optimization. Whenever you publish, edit or modify a post, WordPress automatically pinging to all the ping services that are listed under your ping update service. And your blog will reach to all major search engine and you will gain traffic.

What is a ping site?

Ping site is a one kinds of online-based SEO tools. If you submit your blog or post URL in ping site this tools submit your URL to several search engines, web directories, online communities, blog and some other places.

How To Use Ping Tools?

see here about how to start manually pinging. At first, I select a pinging service example - see below picture.

WordPress ping list this year for Faster Indexing of New Post Update List
  • Insert your blog name
  • Enter your blog page what you ping in this pinging service
  • Add your RSS URL (See here how to create RSS feed on your blog)
  • Select your related site
  • And finally, click send ping options
  • Others WordPress ping list for manual pinging


    How to ad WordPress ping list in WordPress site (Video)

    How to ad WordPress ping list in WordPress site (Screen short)

    WordPress ping list 2017 for Faster Indexing of New Post Update List

    Copy this ping list and add this ping list in your WordPress site. At first click under seating general Then click writing and add ping list update service box click save change.

    Alternatives pinging system 

    • An alternative is Feed Shark, which pings over 60 services for free.
    • Feedburner users can use the Feedburner Pingshot service, which will alert most popular ping services.

    WordPress Multisite Network

    By default, editing the Ping Services for a WordPress Multisite network site is disabled. This can be re-enabled with a plugin such as the Activate Update Services plugin.

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