Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2021 Edition

Keyword research hearing this word most Seo worker got a headache because it is very important but one of the most critical issues in Search Engine Optimization sector. It is the basic foundation of Seo. Every year thousands of dollars are invested for keyword research by many international companies. So here creates a large job sector for freelancers. According to this given information here comes a very important question, “Is there another way where I can analyze my keywords for my content without paying lots of money?

And the answer is absolute “YESyou can!!!

There are a lot of tools for researching, by using these you can easily find a suitable keyword for your content. For maximum keyword research tools you have to pay money but fortunately, there are some well-developed free research tools for you. In this article, I am going to tell you about some erotic keyword research tools.

Here are some helpful guides to get you started:

  1. Characteristics: The much information it gives on google is the most important theme of the keyword planner tool.
  2. Restrictions: While using this you will find some limitation in this tool. You won’t know how your site or offered keyword works on another search engine.
  3. Costing: This is totally free to use.
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  • SeoStack Chrome extension:

Google Keyword Planner Ultimate Keyword research tools-A seostack chrome extension is an awesome tool for the keyword. Using a seed keyword it can originate keywords suggestions from Google and Youtube. The most attractive thing is, it is totally free.

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Google Trends:

Google Keyword Planner Ultimate Keyword research tools-1

People use google trends to determine the recognition of keywords and discover new keywords. Though Google trends can exhibit new keywords that only a few of one’s opponent would be knowing about. Some keywords can often have lower completion but no one is using them yet.

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Answer the public:

Google Keyword Planner Ultimate Keyword research tools-2One of the most simple keyword research tools that generate keywords from google autocomplete is Answer the public. It is similar to SeoStack.

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Another really easy keyword suggestion tool that originates keywords from Google is Ubersuggest. You can use this tool without paying any cost. Around 300-400 keyword suggestions per seed, the keyword can be produced by it.

These are some free Keyword research tools which you can use free.

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Some paid keyword research tools :

Best Ultimate Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid

  • SEM Rush: If anyone asks you about the best and easiest keywords research tool, you can answer it by one single word and the word is SEM Rush. It is a  paid keyword suggestion tool. In this tool, you need not add seed keywords to start your analysis.

Best Ultimate Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid 2

  • Long Tail Pro: Like others research tools long tail pro is amazing paid keyword analysis tool. It has a competition checker. It can be used both for Windows and Mac.

Best Ultimate Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid 3

  • Keyword Spy: Basically it is a Seo Optimization tool. But generally, it is used for keyword research. It indicates the opponent’s keywords and does keywords analysis for strategy. It creates the identified strategy, shows opponent keywords. This paid tool cost around 89.95 dollars per month for a research or a tracking account. And if you need both facilities it will cost around 139 dollars per month.

Best Ultimate Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid 4

  • Market Samurai: Market Samurai is also a keyword suggestion tool. This is a desktop SEO platform software. It is very effective for site planning and improving ranking. It has a domain analysis module, monetization module and content finding the module. It is a one-time purchase app of 149 dollars.

Best Ultimate Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid 5

  • Spy Fu: Because of its especially very few SEO optimization software tools on the market is as popular as SpyFu. It can find under-served, untapped, or emerging markets.

Though this tool is very effective, it has some limitation such as it does not have more keywords.

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