Jack Ma The Inspirational Story of Alibaba Founder

Jack Ma The Inspirational Story of Alibaba FounderIn spite of failure, he is best of the world now. He failed two times at primary, three times at secondary, three times at admission test and thirty times at the examination of the job. When the KFC came in China, 24 people applied for the job. 23 people succeeded at that job. Only one man excluded, that man is he.

Even that five people applied for the post four people were selected for the post and only one man was excluded, that man is I. I was rejected many times in my life. Despite applying times for Harvard University ten times, I was rejected every time. I am talking about whom so long, he is Jack Ma, the founder and chairman of online based company, Alibaba.com He was born in the province of Jinjiang in China. According to Forbes magazine, Jack Ma is the 33rd rich man; His local amount of wealth is 21.6 billion dollar, notwithstanding being failed so many times. He never got pessimistic. He got the position today by dint of cantinas effort. Jack Ma was rejected 30 times but now, he has given the opportunity of 14 million job field at Alibaba.com in China newly. When Jack Ma Founded Alibaba everybody told him crazy then Jack Ma Was told crazy Jack by time magazine. But Jack Ma did not lose hope. He went with his own acceleration/velocity. His velocity has reached him the door of success. He said, “There has sufficient time for the youth” If they utilize their time properly they can be the imitating youth of the world.  By the willpower, they can be the symbol of example.

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There is a Famous speech of Jack Ma, he said “I think, being crazy is good. We are crazy but not stupid” since 4th April 1999, Alibaba has sold 800 million shares. They sell of share of this company is increasing day by day. But last year Jac Ma was the owner of 4 billion dollars. Because of that case, he could not make the place of the top 20 rich people. But this year, as his amount of money is 25 billion dollar. He got the first place in the list of the wealthy people of China the last top richest, the owner of Woreda Company. Has got the second position with 20.8 billion dollars.

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