7 Tips Google Search Hack For Increasing Organic CTR & Keyword Traffic

Do you want to Increase CTR In Google Search Results?
If anyone asks this question.

Silly question, who doesn’t?

Every blogger, webmaster, and online business owner want lots of traffic.

That’s why we all are trying to rank our content on the first page of Google. Maximum blogger says content is keying of success, that's is true but if I write 5000-word content can I get ranking?
no way.
Sometimes we can see short content ranked in the first page.
Google loves traffic if traffic loves your content you can be ranked quickly.

If you want to drive more traffic to your site you have to increase your CTR that's means click through rate.

Why increasing CTR most important to increasing search engine ranking?

So how I can increase my CTR?

If you want increase CTR optimization tips to increase CTR in Google search results see below step by step.


Step 1 # use long tail and LSI keyword

CTR Optimization Tips To Increase CTR In Google Search Results lSI and long tail keyword

Long tail keyword is a best SEO practice for content. Long tail keyword helps to rank quickly in search engines. Recently all professional blogger suggest to using Long tail keyword and LSI keyword.

Try to use the keyword on beginning in the title

Step 2 # Click-Worthy Title Tag

The title is an important part to increase CTR in Google search results because title tag is like an advertisement for your post. When visitors search any keyword the can see your post title and description the can't see your full content.​

As you can see below screenshot here I search installing WordPress plugin. Here are two search result.

Increase CTR In Google Search Results

When a beginner WordPress user can see the guide for a beginner I think he or she will click on the 2nd title. So try to create the Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines

7 Tips For Creating Clickable Content Titles

  • Use long tail keywords and try to add the keywords at the beginning of the title tag.
  • Get ideas from Google Ads in the search. They are highly optimized.
  • Think about How People Use Search.
  • Research competitors title who ranked the first position.
  • Use Time (Like 2018, October 2018, etc.).
  • Add attractive word in title (Curiosity, Benefit, Emotion, Tangible, Appearance, Sound, Expectation,) read more.

Step#3 Add Onley Keyword in Content URL

Increase CTR In Google Search Results url

As you can see here are 4 search result they use only the keyword, because Google and others search engine can easily find out what is your main keyword.

Recently maximum professional marketers and SEO experts use this technique. 

Step#4 Write Good Meta Description That Drives Traffic and Conversions

Increase CTR In Google Search Results description

Meta Description is a summary up to 155 -160 creators in length that describe your content. The description is a powerful method to Increase CTR In Google search results.
Google find the keyword in your title and description and firstly visitor read your description.

So add your main keyword and LSI keyword in the meta description.
If you can create an attractive description, a traffic easily can understand you.

Step#5 Increase Internal Links to Improve SEO

Internal Link is one of the best SEO best practice for getting ranking quickly. This technique also connects your blog's content and give Google an idea of the structure of your blog.

Wikipedia is the best example for internal link building you can see below image.

CTR Optimization Tips To Increase CTR In Google Search Results internal linking

If you want more information about internal linking to see this link MOZ

Step#6 Add Rich Snippets

Increase CTR In Google Search Results url Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is another best way to increase CTR in Google search results. Rich Snippets star ranting attract traffic for clicking. You can use this technique for CTR improvement.

Step#7 Updated Date To Increase CTR In Google Search Results

CTR Optimization Tips To Increase CTR In Google Search Results update date

The last update is another common way to improve ctr in Google search because traffic tends to click on those search results that have the latest dates, so update you're published or last update date.

Final Thought

There are huge reason and tricks Increase CTR in Google search. Here I try to share best CTR optimization tips to Increase CTR in Google search results. If you any question about this content you can do this.
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