Beginners Guide: How to Install – and Set Up – a New WordPress Theme

After buying WordPress theme it is your main duty to Install WordPress Theme correctly. If you fail to Install WordPress Theme accurately, the main purpose of your site will be hampered.

We are extending our particular WordPress guide (How to start a new blog ), and we are going to discuss an about complete guide to Install WordPress theme. Like WordPress plug-in set up, WordPress themes can be used from Dashboard or FTP software.

So you’ve started a WordPress weblog and found that the standard look is not so good. You want to have an awesome theme for your weblog site. Then you need to improve your theme.

To improve your theme, you will have to set up a new WordPress theme. In this post, I will be sharing How to Install a WordPress Theme. I will discuss step by step to teach you accurate t methods to Install WordPress Theme.

Before discussing any other topic, I want to tell you where you will get the best WordPress Themes. There are three choices –

  • WordPress Theme Directory (Best option for the personal blog)
  • Premium WordPress Theme Clubs (Best option for the professional blog)
  • custom made WordPress theme

There are many other resources, and you can examine them at Best WordPress Top quality theme club. Though you might like to set up WordPress locally look out your WP Concept before making new theme stay on your website. For starters, when we install WordPress, by the standard we get stock WordPress theme which is Twenty eleven at the moment. You can always look for styles from WordPress 100 % free themes directory using WP dashboard, or you can obtain any .zip declare the theme and publish it straight using any of the below given two methods.

You can also use the Theme Analyze Drive plug-in to make changes in your WordPress theme stay without showing a new theme to your readers.

I’d recommend you to go with a quality theme as it offers supports, regular updates, unique style, customized choices board and much more. Now let’s see how to set up a topic.

Install Free WordPress Theme from Dashboard

You can install 100 % free WordPress Themes from your WordPress dashboard. Just follow these simple steps.

How to Install WordPress Theme All Different Way Step by Step

  1. At first, sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. (Login URL:
  2. Then Go to Appearance  > theme
  3. Once you are on the ‘Manage Themes website, you’ll discover all setup themes there. To put in a new theme, basically, simply click ‘Add New‘ key at the top.
  4. On the next website, you can choose a no-cost WordPress theme from Featured, Popular, Latest & Function Narrow Tab or you can look for a particular theme.

In Function Narrow Tab, you can look for a topic with particular functions. For example, you can look for a Blue & White, Two Columns theme with Custom Header. Simply examine those boxes and in that case basically, click ‘Apply Filters‘. You’ll see all the styles with your requirements.

Now we think that you are going to set up a particular theme named “GeneratePress” from the WordPress directory. Enter the name ‘GeneratePress’ on the look for the box.

When you see the theme that you want to set up, shift your mouse to that theme and Details, Preview and Set up key will be popped up. Click on ‘Install’ key.

WordPress will obtain and install the theme for you. Now basically simply click ‘Activate‘.

Then you may divert to the theme choices board.

Install Premium WordPress Theme from Dashboard

In the WordPress.Org directory. But if you want to set up a customized or premium WordPress theme from companies like ThemeForest, StudioPress, MyThemeShop, etc, then you need to publish your downloadable theme PC file.

How to Install WordPress Theme All Different Way Step by Step 2

Here’s how to set up a purchased WordPress theme.

  1. At first, obtain the .zip format PC file of the theme from your theme company.
  2. Now sign in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Overall look > Concept.
  3. Once you are on the ‘Manage Themes’ website, basically simply click ‘Add New‘ key at the top.
  4. On the next website, basically, simply click ‘Upload Theme‘at the top.
  5. Now basically choose the ‘Choose File‘key pick the zip PC file that you’ve downloadable earlier. And basically, click ‘Install Now ‘key.
  6. It takes serious amounts of publishing the theme. Once the theme is set up successfully, basically simply click ‘Activate‘ key.

Then you may divert to the theme choices board.

That’s it. Now go to your website and see the newly activated theme.

Some premium and free WordPress theme source

Install WordPress Theme Via FTP

As you saw it is very easy to install a WordPress theme from the dashboard, so why are going to use FTP?

How to Install WordPress Theme All Different Way Step by Step 3

The reasons as given below:

Most of the time your server security may not allow you to set up styles from the dashboard or it may create a problem when you will try to publish your theme. In those days, you have to use FTP Server to publish your theme PC file. Besides if you want to publish several styles at the same time then FTP is the best thing for you. You can also address it as manual WordPress theme set up.

To use FTP technique, you have to set up an FTP customer like FileZilla. Once you’ve connected with FTP customer, you will discover your PC information on the remaining part and server information on the right part. Your core self-hosted information will be on the public_html PC file.

Before posting theme pc file to the FTP Server, you have to draw out the theme PC file. More often than not, your theme PC file will be a zip pc file. To draw out the pc file you can use WinRAR.

Once you’ve unpacked the PC file, now sign in to your FTP administrator.

Assuming that, you have a WordPress theme pc file on your desktop pc and you want to publish it to your server theme directory. At first, choose Desktop from the Local website (Upper left) and then you will discover all information under desktop pc on the lower remaining box. Now go to public_html > > wp-content > styles pick ‘themes’ PC file from the Remote website (Upper right), you will discover you’re all set up styles there. Just drag the theme PC file from the desktop pc and drop it with other styles. It will take serious amounts of transfer your pc file.

Once your theme PC file has been transferred, go to WordPress Dashboard > Overall look > Themes. You will see the list of your set up theme.

Click on ‘Activate‘to stimulate the submitted WordPress Theme.

Install WordPress Theme from Cpanel

cPanel is a UNIX based web internet hosting service Cpanel. Most of the Hosting Providers like HostGator, BlueHost, DreamHost, GoDaddy, etc offer cPanel to their customers.

Sometimes you may not be able to sign in your WP dashboard because of faulty theme or plug-in. That period you can use cPanel to publish or use a topic. Here’s how to set up WordPress theme from cPanel.

How to Install WordPress Theme All Different Way Step by Step 4

  1. At first, sign in to your cPanel. More often than not, your cPanel web link will be something like Host Company also provides a cPanel sign in ink. You can use that weblink too.
  2. Once you are in cPanel, basically simply click ‘File Manager‘under information.
  3. Then basically simply click ‘public_html‘. If you have multiple sites on the same server then at first you have to choose the determined web site directory.
  4. Go to wp-content > styles and in that case basically click ‘Upload’ at the top.
  5. Select the PC file from your PC. It will start posting to your server.

Now sign in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Overall look > Themes. You will discover your submitted them there.

Click on ‘Activate‘to stimulate the submitted WordPress Concept.

Hope this approach by phase information helped you to set up a WordPress theme on your server. I’d recommend you to set up a WordPress theme from your dashboard unless you face any problem in the dashboard.

How to delete/uninstall WordPress Themes:

So by now, we have learned how we can install WordPress theme. Now, it’s a chance to get rid of rarely used WordPress styles. Similar to WordPress theme set up, there are two methods by which you can eliminate WordPress theme.

As shown in the above picture, you can browse to Appearance> Themes and in that case basically, click eliminate to get rid of any theme. I recommend, never eliminate your stay theme straight. Switch to another theme first and then deletes existing themes.

You can also sign in to your FTP Manager and locate to wp-content/Themes and take away the theme which you would like to get rid of. Personally, I discover Dashboard technique the best way to get rid of rarely used themes.

Note: If you are switching from any Wp theme whose SEO functions you are using, don’t ignore to export and transfer it to your new theme. Or you can alternatively, use many plugins like WordPress SEO to transfer SEO settings from the current theme.

Over to You

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Thus if you face any problem after installing WordPress theme, Please inform us of commenting on this post.

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