How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Blog in 2018

There are Several methods to add Google Analytics tracking code to your site. Whatever solution you choose, the purpose is the same one: add some collections of system code to your website’s headlines.

When I began writing a blog, statistics of the weblog was only for learning much traffic I’m getting, and eventually, I'm sure statistics of my weblog is the key to weblog development. It doesn’t matter if you have your weblog with 100 views a day or your weblog with 100 million views a day, you need to have statistics systems which help you to keep track of weblog traffic and analyze them.

Google Analytics is one of the 100 % free statistics system that is must have for any weblog. I would not get into information of benefits of Search engines analytics, as I have already protected it here.

In the following information, you be learning about establishing your Google Analytics consideration and including Google Analytics into your WordPress weblog.

I have simply the following information to non-technical customers too, so you don’t have to be concerned about tech-how of Google Analytics & WordPress incorporation.

How to Install Google Analytics Account

Let’s start the information by establishing Google Analytics consideration for your WordPress weblog. You can do it again the same process for any website too. If you are doing this for your first website, you need to go to Google Analytics web page and sign in using your Google account or create an account which is 100 % free.

For initial setup, you will be requested to add your website information and your personal information to begin. If you are someone who already has an account, simply click administration tab at the top > choose an account and then simply click add a new property.

How to Install  Google Analytics Account

On the next web page, you need to add your website information to get the monitoring system code.

On the next web page, you need to add your website information to get the monitoring system code.

Click on Get tracking ID and you will be shifted to the web page with monitoring ID for your website.

GOOGLE  How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Blog

So far you have efficiently setup your Google Analytics account and come up with tracking ID for your website.

Now the most fascinating part of the following information begins; as you need to incorporate Google Analytics tracking ID into your WordPress weblog. Let’s have a look at it into next area.

2 methods to add Google Analytics to WordPress

There are several methods to add Google Analytics (GA) to your weblog, and based on your degree of writing a blog you should pick one of the below-described techniques. I’m placing down the different techniques based on my suggested methods

Option 1) Using your WordPress theme:

In this section, I discuss how to add google analytics code to your WordPress blog. maximum WordPress theme has header and footer code option just copy analytics code and add there. if you don't have this area you can pest this code your below your header option

Option 2: Using Google Analytics for WordPress plugin

WordPress plugin is another alternative to adding google analytics code you can use this plugin Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights or Google Analytics this plugin

In Conclusion

As you can see this plug-in makes it simple to add Google Analytics to WordPress and delivers a whole new stage to Google Analytics via your dash panel. I could only discuss it’s choices and features, but with a knowledge of Google Analytics, you can see the just how strong you are able to jump into your information using the plug-in.

For those of you who do take advantage of the power of Google Analytics, I would strongly suggest this plug-in handle and observe your website analytics. Again, have a look at the 100 % free edition of this WordPress Google Analytics plug-in, or have a look at the pro edition as well.

All of the above techniques are excellent, as long as you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Whatever technique you decide to use, just don’t ignore to ensure that your statistics are being collected effectively and that you are not losing out on valuable information about your website.

Do let me know which technique you are using to add Google Analytics to your weblog and what other statistics system you are using to keep track of guests on your weblog.  Don’t ignore to discuss the following information with your friends and share on facebook, twitter and google plus.

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How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Blog in 2018
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