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Paying Ad Networks are pretty much proven models that can provide income for website owners who post ads using them. When it comes to selling your blog website, Marketing is regarded as the most well-known and most well-known money creating away. Most of the bloggers begin their blogging journey with a wish of selling marketing. If you are a blog writer and want to obtain cash from marketing (tips of standard blog post writing), you have to figure out what system is effective for you. There are plenty of Ad Networks out there. It’s not smart to stick with one system or get disappointed after getting refused by an Ad Networks (“high paying referral programs”).

The basic question is:  which of the Spending Ad Networks will allow you to the most cash or which one is the best Ad Networks. Now I am discussing such type o Spending Ad Networks which will really help you for creating large cash.

High Paying Ad Networks For Bloggers

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks

# 1 Google AdSense

Whenever we discuss the High Paying Ad Networks, we are to discuss the Look for engines AdSense the highest Paying Ad Networks. It is called The Proven King of Ad Networks.

AdSense is the primary income for many bloggers. It’s a dream of beginner bloggers to get accepted by AdSense. But getting AdSense acceptance can be difficult. You need to have a decent blog/site with high-quality material. To begin with, with AdSense, you need to have a Look for engines consideration, a blog/site, contact variety, and mailing address. For bloggers and other internet marketers, the place to go is Look for engines AdSense.

One of the primary benefits of AdSense is that Look for engines performs together with millions of promoters (it’s Google’s primary income).

As the webmaster, you can manage just in the marketplace ads appear on pages of your site. You’ll have access to reports and analytics which can display just how effective your site is working for you. It’s very simple to use, and there is no registration fee involved. If, you already use Look for engines Adsense, study some examining and marketing tips to enhance your Look for engines Adsense income. You’ll get to display ads that are associated with the interests of your website guests, and you get compensated based on the variety of guests who simply select the ads on your site. You can also put in a customized search bar on your site, and benefit from the ads that appear on looking goggle.

A lot of people produce cash from Look for engines Adsense so what’s the catch? If Look for engines AdSense is so great, why doesn’t everyone use it? The simple reason why- not everyone uses Look for engines Adsense is that not everyone is accepted to participate in the system. You have to be accepted, and that indicates you have to adhere to all the circumstances Look for engines has laid out.

For example, if the primary terminology you use in your ad is not among their record of reinforced languages, then you’re out of luck.

Many former AdSense members have also been revoked because they’ve been charged with simply click scams. Of course, being charged is not the same as being guilty, but Google is both your accuser and select. If they say they’re suspending your consideration, there’s not much you can do. You can appeal, but since you’re also attractive to Google… well, you get the concept. So ensure that you are never completely dependent on it. So despite the Look for engines monolith, there’s the area for ad system solutions out there. See here what is profitable high paying niche for Google Adsense

  • AdSense Ad Types: Written text Ads, Display Ads, Wealthy Press Ads, Weblink Models, Sensitive Ads, and Printed Content.
  • AdSense Lowest Payment: $100
  • AdSense Transaction Method: Electronic Funds Exchange (EFT), Examine, Western Partnership, Cable Exchange.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 2

#2. is the second best contextual High Paying Ad Networks. It’s powered by Yahoo and Google system. It has a large advertising share that provides high quaily ads with innovative ad units. Effective focusing on of helps make the right balance between importance and income. You can personalize ads according to your site’s look and feel. And you can monitor your efficiency in real-time.

Media .net gives you appropriate ads, and you also have tools to monitor your efficiency immediately. You can manage how the ads look so that they fit right in with your color scheme, and you can filter promoters and block ad subjects. While the variety of promoters can actually compare to Google’s, the circumstances for being accepted may actually be more difficult for many international bloggers.

Many bloggers use as an AdSense substitute. It’s simpler to get accepted by than AdSense. You don’t need to have big guests to get accepted by Just ensure that that you have an excellent looking blog with high-quality material.

  • Ad Types: Contextual Ads, Cellular Docked Ads, In-Content Ads, Display Ads, Desktop Interstitial Ads.
  • Lowest Payment: $100
  • Transaction Method: Pay pal and Cable Exchange.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 3

#3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliates is mainly known for its online system. It’s the biggest Ad Networks for physical items. What’s promising is, Amazon has begun Local Purchasing Ads and CPM Ads for publishers.

Native Purchasing Ads is a type of contextual ads. It reveals appropriate ads based on your posts. But you will get income-based on product sales, not mouse clicks. CPM Ads is advertising ad campaigns where you will get compensated on a cost per thousand opinions. It allows you to obtain from every impression even if you don’t create any sale. CPM Ads is currently only available to US associates.

If you are running a product-related blog/site, Amazon Local Ad Networks and CPM Ads will continue to perform perfectly for you.

  • Amazon Ad Types: Recommendation Ads, Look for Ads, Custom Ads, Display Ads.
  • Amazon Lowest Payment: $10
  • Amazon Transaction Method: Examine, Amazon Gift Certification, Immediate Deposit.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 4

#4. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an  Ad Networks that joins bloggers (publishers) with promoters. It provides direct advertising. That indicates promoters will contact you before the ad goes live. You will have full management on your ads. BuySellAds has presented CPM ads recently.

Getting BuySellAds acceptance is tough. You need to have at least 50,000 pageviews to get accepted by BuySellAds.

  • BuySellAds Ad Types: Banner Ads.
  • BuySellAds Lowest Payment: $20
  • BuySellAds Transaction Method: Pay pal, Examine & Cable Exchange.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 5

#5. Infolinks

Infolinks has become fashionable for its in-text advertising. But over plenty of your time, it has presented a variety of ads items. Infolinks always tries to come up with unique ads units for its publishers. It reveals appropriate and intent-based ads that improve engagement.

Getting Infolinks acceptance is simple. You can use Infolinks with other advertising networks like AdSense. It can be a well-balanced income for your blog website if you have a large number of guests.

  • Infolinks Ad Types: In the article, Infold, In-screen, Intext, Intag, Inframe.
  • Infolinks Lowest Payment: $50
  • Infolinks Transaction Method: Pay pal, eCheck, ACH, Payoneer, Cable Exchange.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 6

#6. VigLink

VigLink is an in-text Ad Networks. But it’s a little bit different from other networks. While other networks like Infolinks pay you for mouse clicks, it covers product sales. The concept is that it will identify the commercial items mentioned within the material and then get them to the clickable online link. You will get the commission if someone purchases something through your link. VigLink is connected with more than 30,000 internet marketing programs.

Getting began with VigLink is extremely simple. Just sign up for VigLink and simply add one line program code to your site. VigLink will instantly add online links to your posts.

  • VigLink Ad Types: VigLink Turn, VigLink Place, VigLink Anywhere.
  • VigLink Lowest Payment: $10
  • VigLink Transaction Method: Pay pal.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 7

#7 RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a self-service advertising Ad Networks for publishers. It provides immediate acceptance. That indicates you can display ads immediately on your blog website. It’s a performance-based ad system that provides CPA deals too. And It has ads for all GEOs.

RevenueHits is an excellent advertising solution for a brand new blog.

  • RevenueHits Ad Types: Display & Wealthy Press, Pop-Ups/Unders, XML Nourishes, Custom Types.
  • RevenueHits Lowest Payment: $20
  • RevenueHits Transaction Method: Pay pal & Payoneer.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 8

#8. BidVertiser

BidVertiser is one of the most well-known advertising High Paying Ad Networks based on Pay Per Click. While other networks display ads based on material, BidVertiser reveals the ads of highest visitors. And you will get compensated on mouse clicks basis. It also will pay additional money for alterations.

If you have difficulties to get accepted by AdSense, you can try BidVertiser. It can be an excellent option for AdSense.

If you have a site and you want to participate in, there are the usual circumstances such as not allowing adult websites as well as those websites that sell unlawful drugs and those with too much profanity and dislike speech. You can’t be a part of if your site is under construction, or if your site already has too much advertising to begin with.

However, many have stated that the acceptance process is simple and fast because there seems to be no requirement regarding guests volume and terminology used. There’s a simple installation with an HTML program code to be added to your websites, and you can easily change the appearance of the ads. The payment may not be as high per simply click, but you get cash not just on mouse clicks but on alterations as well. Conversions are when the clicking visitor goes to the advertiser’s website and actually decides to buy something.

  • BidVertiser Ad Types: Banner ads, Control buttons, Inline Ads, Tall buildings and Free Design.
  • BidVertiser Lowest Payment: $10
  • BidVertiser Transaction Method: Pay pal & Examine.

High Paying Ad Networks Best Paying CPC - PPC Ad Networks 9

#9. Adversal

Adversal is another great Ad Network that provides a 100% fill rate. You don’t need to worry about your ad area. Adversal has a large share of promoters, demand partners, DSPs, and major transactions. It’s an excellent option for AdSense.

You need to have at least 50,000 web page opinions per 30 days to get accepted by Adversal. And you also need to have original material on your blog website.

  • Adversal Ad Types: Banner Ad, Pop, and Ministitial Ad.
  • Adversal Lowest Payment: $20
  • Adversal Transaction Method: PayPal, ACH, Examine, or Cable.

#10. Chitika

Chitika is a contextual online Ad Networks. It provides smart advertising for your blog website with real-time putting in a bid, confirming, and marketing. While the AdSense-deprived internet marketers may be rushing to solutions, the fact about Chitika is that you can use it together with other ad networks. It is also amongst the best ad networks for Adsense prohibited websites. You also re-size mobile ads creating it simpler for you to obtain cash from mobile guests.

It’s simple to get accepted by Chitika. Chitika Ad Networks incorporate easily with the material.

  • Chitika Ad Types: Written text Ads, List Unit, Cellular Ads, Local Ads.
  • Chitika Lowest Payment: $10
  • Chitika Transaction Method: Pay pal & Examine.


# 11.Blogads

With a name like that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ad system concentrates its efforts on helping blogs increase their income through Ad Networks. If your blog website talks about just about anything under the sun then promoters may wait until you have at least 500, 000 opinions per 30 days before realize advertise on your site. But if you focus on a very filter niche (you’re all about werewolves or Chilean football players) then even 30k opinions per 30 days may be sufficient. As a founder, you management your own ad promotions and prices, so the gains you produce is all up to you.


Here are some High Paying Ad Networks for you to enhance your income.

  • PropellerAds: PropellerAds allows publishers to obtain more with multi-channel money creating solutions and provides.
  • Skimlinks: Skimlinks is similar to VigLink. It has 20,000+ suppliers.
  • Adsterra: Adsterra is well-known for its various payment methods. (Paxum, Pay pal, Cable, Payza, WebMoney, Bitcoin, etc.)
  • Qadabra: Qadabra is a self-serve ad system that provides payment from $ 1.
  • YesAdvertising: YesAdvertising provides CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI, etc for web publishers and app designers.
  • is an ad system for the Islamic market.
  • PublicityClerks: PublicityClerks is a solution to
  • PopAds: As suggested by its name, Popads is a higher paying advertising system for popunders ads.
  • UberCPM: UberCPM is a CPM centered advertising system.
  • It’s a premium advertising system by AOL for publishers.

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Here are some helpful guides to get you started:


Although all sorts of High Paying Ad Networks are helpful for bloggers, all types of bloggers cannot perform with them. So the bloggers can choose the right one in which they can function.

I’d recommend you to do some testings to look for the best one for you. And one more factor is, you need to have a lot of guests to obtain income from advertising. If you don’t have a lot of guests, don’t waste your efforts and effort by trying different Ad networks. Try to obtain guests first.

I wish this post will help you to identify a best-paying ad system for your blog website. If you found this post useful, help me by discussing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ so that the others are to know about the post.

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