The AffiliateWP Plugin: Create A High-Converting Affiliate Program

If you are the owner of a digital download or e-commerce site on WordPress and if you desire to escalate your sales and profit, I will suggest you adjoining an affiliate program for your WordPress store. Particularly if you are the owner of a digital product, melding an affiliate program can do a surprise for your product’s marketing master plan.

Especially, on WordPress, it is very simple to launch your own affiliate program. There are a lot of affiliate marketing WordPress plugins out there which will unify with all the favored WordPress e-commerce interpretations such as Easy Digital Downloads, Woo Commerce,     Member Press, Member Mouse and so on.

One of the most popular plugin for adjoining an affiliate program to a  digital WordPress store is AffiliatWP.

Recently I’ve used this plugin by making an affiliate program with Easy Digital Downloads and it has worked accurately.

From this tutorial, you will know how you can use the AffiliateWP plugin to unify an affiliate program into your WordPress store.

You can use another option but I think AffiliateWP is the best than others. Because its features are awesome and it integrates very well with all famous and popular WordPress products.

Important note:

AffiliateWP and WPaffiliate are not same products. They are different products and be careful do not buy the mistaken one.



It is pricing which is a major factor for most people when deciding on an affiliate output for their WrodPress site.

With one year license, AffiliateWp will cost you only $49 for 1 site and you can increase its features by applying their free or paid adds ons.

I would suggest you to create a list of chosen add-ons and anything that you do not need please don’t buy because the costs will add up rapidly.

Okay, you have your desired plugin and keep following all the steps below:

  • You have to download the plugin from your own membership dashboard and then install it onto your working WordPress site.
  • Secondly, activate the installed plugin.
  • There is a bar on the left and there you will find the option for AffilateWP
  • Then hit on Affiliates > Settings and put your license key.
  • When the license will active, you have to configure the setting of your affiliate dashboard. If you wish you can customize the program according to your demands.

I would suggest your setup the cookie time for 30-45 days, as this is a quality practice and pretty friendly for affiliates.

  • At the top, there is an Integrations tab now click on that and select the plugin that you are applying for your WordPress store.
  • Now click on Save Changes
  • At the top click on the Emails tab. Here you can customize your Affiliates emails.
  • At the top click on the Misc tab. Here you can allow automatic registration for affiliates and auto approval or manual approval.
  • Make certain that you check the box for:
  • If you want affiliateWP to totally disregard referrals for a zero total amount check this box.


If this is totally done, your affiliate program is ready to be launched…!!!



‘Creatives’ is one of the effective characteristics of the AffiliateWP plugin. You can use graphics to your affiliates. Affiliates can use to promote your product through banner ads.

Enable Registration:

You have to enable user registration in WordPress. Go to settings > general and click on the Enable User Registration box


This is awesome and many WordPress stores are using the AffiliateWP Plugin.

If you are using this don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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