AdSense vs RevenueHits What is Best 2019 :CPM Rates, Payments and Earning

Why RevenueHits is one of the Best Adsense Alternatives UltimateIn this post, I am going to share with you about the best google Adsense alternative platform RevenueHits.  We know that of all the online ad, Google AdSense‎ gives the financial support to the best. But finding Google Adsense is like finding golden deer. We can not use Google Adsense often properly because of having some private policy of Google. We often try to open a Google Adsense account.  Some get it very easily while some do not get it by the utmost effort.

Approving Google Adsense account is sometimes easy but its maintenance is more difficult. Because there have some surroundings of Google. Which is very hard to abide by. there are many category sites, especially  Adult, Copy Paste as well as Downloading site by which we can not use Google Adsense at all. If we use this type of site, our Google Adsense account will be banned.

That is why I am going to tell you about the best alternative ad institution of Google Adsense. The pros and cons of the site are given below:

Here are some helpful guides to get you started:

Differentiate  Google Adsense Vs  RevenueHits

  1. Our unique content,  the longevity of blog depend on the visitor, so we have to apply many conditions for Google Adsense but it does not need for that.
  2. Adsense visitor pays for ad click but RevenueHits does not pay for it.
  3. Adsense copy paste, sexual content do not allow it but they support all type of things.
  4. For Adsense Blogspot (6 months) along with website (10 Days) but new RevenueHits or any blog sites or website, we have to approve within 30 Seconds.
  5.  If you have $100  at Google Adsense account, you can withdraw it at any time, at any place but if you have $ 20 at revenueHits, then you can withdraw it.
  6. For verifying  Adsense pin or address, you have to wait till  45-50 days, on the other hand, they do not have these type of things.
  7. On account of clicking invalid Adsense, it bans the account but RevenueHits does not do it.
  8. Owing to invalid Adsense or fake visitor, it (google Adsense) does not pay money for it but RevenueHits does not do it.
  9. If Adsense finds any blunder of your account it will ban your account forever but RevenueHits does not do it.
  10. Adsense revenue shares 68% commission but RevenueHits shares 75% commission.
  11. It is banned for other company’s   ad besides using Adsense but it is allowed in RevenueHits.
  12. Adsense pays your payments within 23 30 dates but in RevenueHits, if you have minimum $20 you can get out it.

What is RevenueHits?

That is an Israel-based online ad organization which helps to earn money from website traffic.  It was established in 2008. It bears till $30 through  CPA (Cost Per Action) and it is a CPA (Cost Per Action) based ad network.

They express offer or ad depending on traffic in comparison to the demand of the advertise. It is an aim targeted and relevant informative ad network. RevenueHits support all language, Revenue hits visitor impression also depends on earnings. Revenue hits support copyright.

Here are some helpful guides to get you started:

How does RevenueHits give money?

There is a crucial information about RevenueHits that it does not offer money through ad impression or click. It is a  CPA (Cost Per Action) ad organization such as job-based ad firm. Nowadays  CPA network do not offer money on ad impression or click rather offer money on the works of the user. The jobs of the user could be many such as, website visit, user email, ID, mobile number, other information as well as any software installation or making account etc which advertiser wants.

That is why, in different forum site blogger tune or another blogger make you confused that 10,000 visitors earn $50 $60 per day, again another day or another blogger don not earn money at all. Every day you might imagine that it is fake. Because when you login dashboard then RevenueHits will show you that how many impression you have,  how many clicks you have rest and how much revenue you have.

You will see there how many impression and how many clicks you have, but revenue does not show so much money. does not get confused about it because the next day they will show you the money.

By using RevenueHits many people earn $5   $10 per day by using a few traffic. RevenueHits has a special perspective that it is a definite motto based organization. Suppose, you are in the UK  but you will not be expressed amazon ad of USA based organization.  In the consequence CPA (Cost Per Action) rate will be high and there will be opportunity to earn to the best.

The process  of withdrawing payment and money:

In the process of withdrawing money of RevenueHits,  there have many media, such as PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer. If you have minimum $20, you can withdraw it.

Is there any bonus at RevenueHits publisher referral?

In RevenueHits publisher referral you can earn $100  to best.  When a publisher of your referral earns $10, then, you will also get $10. Besides, when that publisher earns $50, you will get $40. It is not the last, there is more, such as, if that publisher when that publisher earns $100, you will get $50  bonus.

Then you are getting $100 surplus. Thus, it is showed that you can refer only the good minded publisher, then how can stop making your pocket hot?

RevenueHits supported Ad system

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Pop-under Ads
  3. Shadow box Ads
  4. Top/Bottom/Side banner Ads
  5. Baton Ads
  6. Mobile Ads

Click and signup RevenueHits, if you have any question about this post you can do this.

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