About Arif Hossain & How to WP Blogging?

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Let’s start with us . How to WP blogging is for bloggers, webmasters, and small business owners. It covers several topic like Blogging, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Web Hosting, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Blogging and much more.

Whether you want to build a blog with the aim of making money, or supporting your business, we’ll have posts for you.

About Arif Hossain

Arif Hossain - a professonal technology blogger

My name is Arif Hossain (Man behind howtowpblogging.Com), and I’m from Dhaka , Bangladesh. I’m 25 and a part time blogger.

How to wp blogging  is not my first blog. My blogging journey started with a tech blog named ittalk24.com in May 2011. At that time, Blogging was fun to me. I used to share different news, tips, tricks on technology. I had no idea that I can make money from blogging. Adsense was the only known monetization way to me.

While running ittalk24.com, I learned many new things on WordPress, SEO, Blogging, Web Hosting, Affiliate marketing, etc. And I started sharing what I’ve learned.

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