7 Steps to make the Content of your WordPress Blog Unique

WordPress is an amazing platform for bloggers but there need some criteria for making your blog popular.

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For instance, if you are uploading regular blog posts, you won’t get your expected result until your content is potential and have originality in it.

Original content is much important for a blogger because not only the users are looking for unique content but the search engines love the original content.

The best way to make your blog popular is to write unique and unmatched content that will have more optimization as compare to copied or paraphrased content.

Below, we have discussed some of the steps to take when planning of writing unique content for your WordPress blog.

1. Start writing original

Well, that is the best way to go for writing a unique piece of content. Begin your bit of writing together with your initial thoughts. That is when you’re out of risk of challenging plagiarism problems ). At this time, you ought to be asking yourself how to think of something unique on a subject you haven’t heard about?

This is possible through a multiple-way like exploring the topic in the best way, collect all of the info that you want, read it, and grasp the idea out of it. At this time, you’ll have the ability to compose it into your own words.

And if the subject is not related to your experience then research can help you in this regard.

2. Make modifications in the content

Among the most effective strategies to compose a plagiarism-free article is by changing the content that’s already on google.

This is possible by proceeding through the article that you have read, receive insight into what it’s all about, and begin composing your excellent piece.

The factor to understand while changing the material is that you understand the circumstance well to don’t alter the original concept in everything you write.

3. Use Synonyms to change most of the words

Although Google doesn’t like the content which has a similar idea to another article as it doesn’t count in the unique but in some cases, you might have to do this.

Changing words by synonyms is rewriting or paraphrasing which has the same meaning to the source but with different wording.

It also can help you in a lot of ways. When it comes to composing, it’s among the greatest sources to locate synonyms.

Thus, get the best use of Google to locate synonyms and utilize the same in your writing. In the event you want any other alternative, you might utilize the synonyms feature in Microsoft Word by right-clicking.

4. Change Adjectives

As an alternative to changing the words by the synonyms, changing the adjective in the writing may help to make the content unique.

So, together with altering the synonyms, concentrate on changing the adjectives to ensure your content is first.

This is possible with the help of online tools or by manually discovering the replacement to words by searching on Google.

5. Utilize Plagiarism checking tool

When you are writing through conducting research then plagiarism can be a common thing and this is understandable to most writers.

Well, many suffer in the practice of doing this. How? They wind up composing content with lots of plagiarism.

Therefore, what would be the very best method to figure out this issue?

The online plagiarism checker.

There are multiple plagiarism checkers available on the internet like PrepostseoQuetextCopyScape, seotools.studio and to check the uniqueness of your writing, you can utilize them for free.

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If you utilize a plagiarism checking tool, it makes it possible to make sure your content is 100% original, and when not, besides, it tells you what portion of your articles is copied, which you’ll be able to re-write and create a citation to this content.

Moreover, you can easily know the source of the matched material. Remember, most of the writers and students know the plagiarism after verifying through a plagiarism checker.

6. Use quotation method to avoid plagiarism

There are cases when a writer, regardless of newbie or expert, may find it hard to paraphrase a part of the content. Well, that is when the art of quoting comes to avoid the plagiarism in this writing.

You have to be aware of if and how you have to quote a particular section of content. Only once you discover that it’s next-to-impossible to paraphrase, copy the precise phrases, and use quotation marks.

Although using this method is an excellent way to keep you from the plagiarism problem, this doesn’t move well with SEO. Thus, be certain that you keep a balance between your initial content along with the text that is quoted.

Additionally, avoid using the content that is quoted if it doesn’t add value or have some circumstance to the material you’re writing.

Remember, having multiple quoted sentences affects the user experience and reduce the readability of the content.

7. Use the Citation method

The citation is another method of making your content unique. Citation means to mention the reference of the original publication as well as the author.

For example, if an author has published an article in a journal then you should mention the URL of the original website along with the name of the author.

This way, it wouldn’t be recognized as plagiarized content. Remember, you shouldn’t use much of the citation as it can create a problem.


Writing is not simple. If it was, everybody could be a writer. If it comes to composing, the pros occasionally suffer from the issue of thinking up the first piece.

But with all the tips mentioned above, it’s possible to easily craft a part of the content that you may proudly call your initial creation.

The above-mentioned steps are not just for the WordPress sites instead you can utilize the method for other writing too.

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