How To Start a New Blog 2018 – Best Blogging Tips for a Better Blog

Blogging Tips And Tricks Beginners To Advance

Are you want to start Blogging? Blogging is most popular platform for make money online but When you first start a new blog it all seems simple. The deeper you go, 

Secret Of Successful Blogging

Maximum beginners question is what is secret of successful blogging? their question is the "easiest way to starting a successful blog " but my answer is blogging is not the easiest way for a lazy blogger. If you follow some rules it is possible

However, the more complicated it becomes.  Here I share with you "blogging tips and tricks" in my personal experience. 


1. Create the Perfect Blog Schedule for work

The daily routine is the best part of the successful blogging game. All professional bloggers have a daily routine for working. Increases your working time per day.

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Create a perfect blogging plan

Planning is the first step to success in the blogging so think about how to start your blogging. What is your target (Blogging subject)? and how to monetize your blog.

  • Select a niche and research niche trend: Niche selection is first target for a blogger. Select a good niche what is best for you. That is first Blogging Tips for Tips for a Better Blog. select a good niche and start your blogging profession.
  • Select a good domain: Select short and memorable domain for permanent visitor.  
  • Select a good hosting: Web hosting is high propriety for site speed and faster ranking. So select best hosting service avoid downtime and slow loading time.      
  • Select Blogging platform : Select a blogging platform Ex - WordPress, Jomla, Drupal, Blogspot or custom made CMS. Personally i like WordPress the main reason WordPress is user and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly.  

Content Creation  .......

See here all about how to create your content more search engine and visitor friendly and others Blogging Tips

How To Start a New Blog 2017 – 101 Blogging Tips for a Better Blog
  • Generate your idea fast :  Best idea is key of success in blogging. Think before writing. First think about reader feedback. Do something for you audience    
  • Focus on beginners: The majority of the visitor to your website will be beginners – otherwise why would they be searching for solutions? and beginner main source for baying any service. So write for bargainers.That's is common Blogging Tips for every blogger.   
  • Create evergreen content: Write evergreen content for permanently gating much visitor.
  • Create excellent headline for your content : Topnotch headline is better way for getting lots of visitor. because visitor look at first what is your post title.  
  • Write Large Content: Content is king for ranking fast. Google and others search engine want large content and much information for there user. Write at least 1000 word. Why i suggest 1000 word for per post, google like keyword density 2% if you write 100 word you can use keyword 2 times and if you write 1000 word you can write 20 times.
  • Add Relevant Image: Add post related image. Attractive image is important for visitor attraction. don't add irrelevancy image image in any post. Add high quality image and info graphic. Question is how to find related image see here
  • Include references in your content: Add trusted and true information and add references.   
  • Publish content every day: If you published your content everyday google and visitor given priority your blog. It universal truth google like update.   
  • Research for your content: Before writing research others blog and collect advance and true information. So read read and read. 
  • Update your content regularly : Update your old content regularly. Google and others search engine given priority update content.  

Advertising and Promotion ..........

Content creation is not only way for getting much traffic. Content creation is not enough. It is important part for blogging. see here some Blogging Tips about promotion. 

  • Create a mailing list & landing page: Landing page is popular way for creating targeted mailing list. maximum professional use this technique.
  • Add hello bar : Add hello bar for collecting mailing list. hello bar is totally free you can use it click here    
  • Create an eBook PDF: Create a blog related E-book. This is a popular way for creating mailing list.  
  • Guest blog on websites: Write others professional blog and create backlink  
  • Comment on other blogs: Comment others related blog for creating backlink   
  • Include social sharing in every post: add social sharing button or system for share your post 
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